Hunts for Team Bonding

Treasure Hunting is a unique and extremely relevant tool which can be  used by companies for the purpose of engendering team building  initiatives amongst its staff force. This is because treasure hunting  as an activity in itself has the following characteristics that will  instigate a positive form of team dynamics and inter-personal  communication skills, which are essential for team building :

  • Team members are require to work together cohesively to achieve the  goal, or end result.

  • Being challenged by the situation of the Hunt, team members will  naturally form a team structure, with an overall leader as well as  facilitators of other resources, including navigation, driving,  researchers, etc.

  • Resource Management skills are instilled as the team has to  complete task within a target time and minimal resource capacity.

  • The challenge of the Hunt will also enforce the team to improve on  their Time Management skills.

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