Types of Hunts

Walk Treasure Hunt

This is a fun, challenging and exciting event where participants are challenged to use their memory and general knowledge skills, while undertaking some walking within a prescribed zone.

Amazing Walk Hunt

Similar to walk hunt but it involves a mix of light physical activities. This will test the participants both mental and physical skills.

Other Hunts
  • Expo Site Hunt
  • Cyber Hunt
Motor Treasure Hunt

This activity involves participants driving from a destination to another using the prescribed route. Along the way, participants will be required to find answers to clues provided. The answers will be found physically along the route. They will also be required to source some items(treasures) by breaking the riddles.

Amazing Motor Hunt

Similar to motor treasure hunt but it encompasses “amazing race” type of activities as it tests the participants both mental and physical skills.

Van Hunt

This is meant for groups of 10 per van where they will be given clues to decipher the destination. Once they decipher the destination they will be required to go tothe destination and look for the answers to the clues. The number of destinations will be determined by the area and time.

Bus Hunt

This is a mix of a motor treasure hunt and walk hunt, catered mainly for group that travels by bus yet would like to make the trip exciting and adventurous . The bus will stop at a predetermined location where participants will have to find the answers to the clues provided. There will be a number of stops during the journey, to be determined by the distance of the destination and time.

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