A is for Answers.  It is important that all answers are neatly written and in full.  For example, although the clue in a question relates only to the word “Mayflower”, and you come across a signboard reading “Mayflower Tours and Travels Sdn. Bhd”, you should write down the complete name instead of just the word “Mayflower”.  No marks are awarded for incomplete answers.
B is for Briefing.  Pay attention to what is said at the briefing, for that is where details concerning the Hunt and instructions for tulip reading and how to approach questions are given.  Sometimes, even vital hints and information are dropped.  If you are uncertain about anything raised at the briefing, Ask.
C is for Concentration.  It is impossible for any team to do well if the team members are constantly fooling around during the hunt.  In sectors without questions, time should be spent discussing forthcoming questions so that the team will be prepared to tackle the question when you arrive at the correct sector.
D is for Doubling-back.  Sometimes it is necessary to double-back in a sector to find an answer.  But remember this: doubling-back just once means that you would have travelled along the same sector three times.  If the team cannot still see the answer after so many attempts, it would be advisable to continue on the journey.  Generally, it is also a good policy to travel to the end of the sector before doubling back.
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