E is for Encyclopaedic dictionary.  Thesauruses, fact books and all other reference materials that you think that will help you in a Hunt.  They should be brought along and made easily accessible in the car and, if possible, at least one team member should be delegated with the job of research it is pointless bringing reference materials if no one wants to look at them.
F is for Food.  A treasure hunt trip can be a long one and a team should stock up food and drinks so that constant stoppages for something to eat and drink are avoided.
G is for Groundwork.  Prepare for the Hunt.  It is a good idea, to have a pre-Hunt discussion to identify who is to do what.  If you need a specific book, find time to get it.  When you next go to a supermarket, look at items with the Hunt in mind who knows, you may identify key words on a wrapper that you may relate to a treasure!
H is for Hiding.  Your team may have solved a treasure that other teams have not.  Be careful and discreet when you pick up treasures, otherwise your rivals may get the treasure without doing the work!
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