I is for Interaction.  Doing well in a Hunt requires teamwork.  If you think that you have figured out an “angle” to the question or treasure, do not be afraid to voice your views.  No one knows everything, so the more discussion, the better.
J is for Junctions.  Remember that not every junction, traffic light or side-road is indicated in the tulips, it is sometimes impossible to do so.  It is crucial that the Navigator and Driver keep track of the distance between tulips so that the correct junction is identified, otherwise you may end up heading in the wrong direction.
K is for Knowledge.  It goes without saying that all questions in a treasure hunt are based on some facts or the others.  Although usually the knowledge required is of the general type, a good treasure hunting team should consists of members having wide range of interests and good memory power, sometimes for the most trivial of things!
L is for Letting-Go.  Knowing when to give up looking for an answer is an important skill to be learnt.  There may be arguments within a team as to whether the team should give up or continue looking, so it is a good idea to appoint a team to make this decision.
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