M is for Management, in particular, of time.  As each team only has a prescribed time to complete the Hunt, it is important that the team has an overview of the entire journey.  Too much time spent trying to find answers at the start of the Hunt may end up with the team having very little time to get the answers at the closing stages of the Hunt.
N is for Noting down.  Sometimes, no matter how hard the team tries, it may not be able to pin down the answer to a question.  In such cases, it may be a good idea for the team to just jot down whatever they can see for consideration in sectors where there are no questions.
O is for Observation.  Apart from understanding the questions, this is the other most important skill that team members must have.  Look everywhere – answers need not necessary be on major signboards – and keep looking – there could be “red-herrings”.  It is a good policy to read out what you see, your team-mates who has not seen it may suddenly tell you that is the answer!
P is for Punctuality.  Being punctual when you check in at the start of the Hunt means that you will not miss any last minute instructions that the Clerk-of-Course may provide.  In addition, those who come late are likely to be flustered and not in a proper frame of mind to tackle the Hunt.
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