Q is for Questions.  Read each question carefully, each word can be a possible clue.  Look at the question from various angles and try to identify the key words.  If you cannot get a grip on the question, looking for the answer will be much tougher.
R is for Resourcefulness.  Help can be found in the most unlikely places.  Sometimes the coffee-shopkeeper may be able to give you valuable information or the “budak” in the “kampong” may be able to tell you where to pick up a flower for a treasure.  Don’t be afraid to ask, but remember that collaboration between teams is a definite no-no.
S is for Safety.  By far the most important rule in any Hunt.  You are on public roads so ensure that you comply with traffic rules.  Drivers should concentrate on driving and make it a point to draw to the side of the road when driving slowly and looking for answers.
T is for Tulips and also for Treasure.  Tulips are navigational aids and when the Hunt flags off, each team will be given a few pages of tulips, which will indicate the route to be taken.  They should be held by the navigator and give instructions to the driver.  Instructions as how to read tulips are usually given at the Briefing, and for efficient navigation, Driver and Navigator should devise a system of “call signs”, e.g. “Check right”, if the tulip is side road on the right. 

A treasure is an item or items – read the riddle carefully to ensure that the right item is identified – and ensure that it is obtained and delivered in order to score points.
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