U is for Utensils.  The basic tools you need for a Hunt, besides your eyesight and your brain, are surely pen, paper and clipboard, preferably one for each member of the team, apart from the driver.  However, you may find it useful to bring a stapler, liquid paper, etc. along.
V is for Vehicle.  The onus is on each team to ensure that the vehicle they travel in is in a road-worthy condition, with valid license and road tax.  Having breakdown in the middle of the Hunt results in valuable time being lost and in all likelihood, the team being unsettled.
W is for Wordplay.  Many questions are nothing more than the Clerk-of-the-Course fooling around with words to try to trick you.  It could be in the form of an anagram, removal or insertion of letters, etc.  Identifying the key words in the question, try juggling the words yourself and you may yet figure out the answer!
X is for Xerox.  In some Hunts only one set of questions is given to each team.  As having to share this among team members can be disconcerting.  Making photocopies can solve this problem.
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