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Online Hunt

Preserving Staff Morale during MCO

  • During this MCO, staff morale will be low. Adjusting to a new virtual environment, working from home, and being in a state of uncertainty and fear over job security and public health.
  • The problem: usual team building activities are even more necessary in this time, but cannot be done due to physical travel constraints
  • Pava’s  Hunts has developed a solution – an online treasure hunt that provides most of the advantages of a physical treasure hunt with a lot of added benefits to the employer.


  • Enhance bonding & relationship amongst staff.
  • Families & house mates can also participate in a positive and fun activity while maintaining  social distancing . 
  • Exhibit the fun areas in our country or even other countries  without actually being  physically there.
  • A new experience which enhances the ability of participants to navigate using Google Street View.
  • To get staff  to bond and enhance  their relationship.
  • The logistics & cost is much lower than a physical hunt. Thus, this Online activity can be organized weekly / monthly targeting different areas (places).
  • Providing an alternative for staff to still socialize.

Why An Online Treasure hunt?

  • An activity that transcends across a wide range of participants giving a great platform for staff engagement.
  • The popularity of reality shows like Explore race, Amazing race , the event provides the participants an opportunity to experience it whilst they are at home.
  • It is strategically executed as a vibrant themed event, to educate and inform whilst teams experience new locations and compete against each other in a fun and exciting way.

Treasure Hunt Mechanics

  • Participants will be provided with a list of locations, they will have to hunt for the location using Google.
  • Then they will have to find the answers to the list of questions posed within that particular sector.
  • The navigation will be via Google Street View.
  • The clues consist of fun, cryptic and trivia questions.
  • The team that completes the most number of questions correctly within a given period of time will be the winner.
  • The proposed event will start with a briefing session held prior to the hunt.
  • After the answer submission, the announcement of answers will be  done via Zoom/FB Live etc.
  • The winners list will be sent to the organizing chairperson 3 to 4 hours after the finish.
  • The organizing  chairperson publish the winners via a preferred media.