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Why choose PAVA's Hunts ?

With more than 22 years of experience, in staging and operating Treasure Hunt events in various forms, PAVA’s Hunts is the preferred partner to create a truly memorable event for companies or organisations. PAVA’s Hunts organises unique Treasure Hunts, Amazing Hunts and Quiz Shows, and is well known for creative yet challenging hunts – with tough questions set, along with easier, fun ones. Clients who do not want to deal with all the nitty gritty of organising a full staff getaway or team bonding trip will be well taken cared of by PAVA’s Hunts, from start to end.

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Benefits of Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting has become a popular social recreational activity amongst Malaysians. What started off as an activity predominantly for a small group of people interested in a unique form of challenging and testing their IQ and general knowledge, is today, very much a mainstream recreational event. Treasures make the journey exciting, and the fun starts as you begin – be it in a car, bus, train or foot, as the Hunts bond people together as they work in groups towards a common goal.

  • Corporate Team Building

    Treasure Hunts engage your staff in a highly effective team building activity that drives them to better understand their strengths, weaknesses and competencies, by working together.

  • Staff Incentive

    Breaking away on a fun-filled Treasure Hunt program to a popular holiday destination, is a sure fire way of boosting staff morale, and incentivising performers who maintain productivity.

  • Brand Marketing

    Treasure Hunts serve as an ideal platform to interact with clients, customers and the general consumer market. Challenging them to tactically created clues and questions pools their attention to the event in a way that reinforces top-of-mind recall.

  • Charity & Fund Raising

    Treasure Hunts are an effective program to reach out to the public to engage in a fun activity that is designed to raise funds for a prescribed charitable cause, while all the participants have fun at the same time.

  • Networking

    Be it an old school alumni, social service club, NGO or any other society or association, Treasure Hunts can be a great way to come together, for networking and reunions.